6 Recommended Guitar Strings for Metal:


Guitar Strings / Rating

Dunlop DHCN1254 Heavy Core

Total of 4.80/5


Super heavy (.012-.054) nickel-wound steel strings, crafted specifically for dropped tunings.

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DR Strings DDT-11 Heavy

Total of 4.80/5
Built for dropped-down tunings, these .011-.054 strings boast awesome tuning stability.

D’Addario EXL116 Strings

Total of 4.70/5
Very popular nickel-wound hybrid strings, with a medium top/heavy bottom gauge (.011-.052)

Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky

Total of 4.80/5
Strong and chunky .012-.056 gauged strings with a protective RPS coating.

Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom

Total of 4.60/5
A hybrid set of Ernie Ball’s Slinky range, with a gauge of .010-.052.

DR Strings NPE-11

Total of 4.50/5
Heavy gauge (.011-.050) luminescent neon pink strings for a visual impact!