7 Best Country Guitars:


Acoustic Guitar / Rating

Epiphone EJ-200SCE

Total of 4.55/5


The King of Flat Tops is a solid country choice!

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Martin 16 Series D-16GT

Total of 4.78/5
A more affordable version of the iconic D-28.

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro

Total of 4.72/5
Affordable reissue of an iconic country acoustic.

Breedlove Discovery Concerto

Total of 4.80/5
Vibrant retro guitar with country at heart.

Gretsch G5022CE Rancher

Total of 4.65/5
Vibrant retro guitar with country at heart.

Yamaha FG800

Total of 4.75/5
This affordable legend is perfect for country on a budget.

Gretsch Rancher Falcon G5022CWFE-12

Total of 4.70/5
Rich country tone from this glitzy 12-string jumbo.