The Top 10 Jazz Guitars:


Electric Guitar / Rating

Gretsch G100CE Synchromatic

Total of 4.68/5


The king of archtop jazz guitars?

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Godin 5th Avenue CW(Kingpin II)

Total of 4.82/5
A North American-made archtop beauty.

The Loar LH-302T

Total of 4.78/5
A versatile vintage thinbody archtop that’s great for jazz, blues and country.

Ibanez AM93Qm Artcore Expressionist

Total of 4.78/5
An easy playing semi-hollow guitar that’s perfect for jazz.

Epiphone DOT ES Style

Total of 4.66/5
Top-level mixture of high sound quality and top-level craftsmanship.

Ibanez Artcore AF55

Total of 4.66/5
Strong competitor for the best guitar for jazz race.

Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe

Total of 4.75/5
A snazzy jazzy semi-hollow guitar from Swedish masters Hagstrom.

Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special

Total of 4.67/5
A quality jazz guitar with a versatile bite.

Godin LGXT

Total of 4.78/5
Gorgeous looks and INCREDIBLE versatility.

Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012

Total of 4.64/5
The best jazz guitar for beginners.