The Top 6 Stratocaster Pickups:


Pickups / Rating

Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Pickups

Total of 4.76/5


One of the best ways to nail Eric Johnson’s sweet tone.

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Lace Sensor Blue-Silver-Red

Total of 4.76/5
Three very different Strat pickups, with huge power and versatility.

DiMarzio DP419 Area 67 Pickup

Total of 4.74/5
A modern Strat pickup with true Hendrix tone.

Seymour Duncan SL591 Little 59

Total of 4.76/5
The sound of a Les Paul in your Strat!

Seymour Duncan SSL-1 California ‘50s Strat Single-Coil Set

Total of 4.74/5
Made by Seymour Duncan, but offer an authentic ‘50s Fender tone.

Fender Tex-Mex Strat Pickup Set

Total of 4.66/5
A complete set of Strat single-coils with authentic ‘60s feel.