The Top 7 Acoustic Guitar Pickups:


Pickups / Rating

LR Baggs Anthem Tru-Mic

Total of 4.84/5


A premium pickup system that delivers impeccable sound.

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Fishman Rare Earth Humbucking Pickup

Total of 4.76/5
Lovely natural tone on offer from this excellent Fishman humbucker.

K&K Pure Mini

Total of 4.76/5
Mini by name, mighty by nature!

Fishman Matrix Infinity Undersaddle Pickup

Total of 4.74/5
A very popular undersaddle pickup system with on-board controls.

Seymour Duncan Woody HC

Total of 4.72/5
One of the most popular acoustic pickups with zero hum.

Fishman Neo-Buster

Total of 4.64/5
This Neo-Buster is also a feedback-buster!

Dean Markley DM3000 Artist Transducer

Total of 4.52/5
A cheap but cheerful transducer pickup from Dean Markley.