Top 10 Best Dynamic Microphones


Microphones / Rating

Electro-Voice RE20

Total of 4.88/5


A combination of rock solid hardware and advanced tech that works great.

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Shure SM7B

Total of 4.73/5
One of the most versatile dynamic vocal mics currently available out there.

Electro-Voice RE320

Total of 4.47/5
Proper studio tool that can serve for both vocal and instrument recording.

Telefunken M80

Total of 4.40/5
An extremely versatile piece of gear that is threatening the current favorites.

Sennheiser e935

Total of 4.20/5
A true workhorse that boast both performance and excellent overall build quality.

Shure Beta 58A

Total of 4.22/5
The worthy upgrade to an already impressive platform that brings many improvements.

Shure 55SH Series II

Total of 4.10/5
Stylish vintage aesthetic paired with proper modern performance and rugged build quality.

Sennheiser e835

Total of 4.03/5
A very solid workhorse microphone that gets the job done very consistently.

Shure SM58

Total of 4.00/5
The go-to choice of professionals and a great value for budget users.

Mission VM-1

Total of 4.83/5
A great budget handheld which offers way more than meets the eye.