Top 10 Best Electric Guitars Under $1000:


Electric Guitar / Rating

Fender American Special Stratocaster

Total of 4.84/5


A special Stratocaster at an excellent price.

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Fender American Special Telecaster

Total of 4.70/5
An authentic Fender Tele – a steal at the price.

PRS Mark Holcomb SE

Total of 4.80/5
Focused tone and insane playability from this Mark Holcomb signature.

Martin 16 Series D-16GT

Total of 4.78/5
Classic style with this solid-wood Martin.

Yamaha A Series A3M

Total of 4.82/5
A mid-range performance-focused acoustic with a high-end feel.

Seagull S6 Original

Total of 4.88/5
Beautiful style, quality and playability with this Seagull.

The Loar LH-204 Brownstone

Total of 4.72/5
A taste of vintage America with this stylish Chinese guitar.

Yamaha APX600

Total of 4.75/5
Affordable slimline Yamaha with upgraded performance.

Takamine GD93

Total of 4.60/5
A proud representative from the Takamine family.

Yamaha FG800

Total of 4.75/5
FG800 shows what made Yamaha’s FG series so legendary to begin with.