Top 10 Best Electric Guitars Under $500:


Electric Guitar / Rating

Yamaha RevStar RS420

Total of 4.88/5


Yamaha flex their vintage muscles with a real masterpiece.

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Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 50’s Telecaster

Total of 4.74/5

A real vintage legend with an affordable Squier price tag.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Total of 4.64/5
Style, sound and playability – the complete package

Ibanez JEMJR Steve Vai Signature

Total of 4.75/5
Hard to ignore a guitar that screams so loudly!

Yamaha Pacifica PAC311H

Total of 4.64/5
A solid blues performer from Yamaha, with premium style and playability.

Squier Contemporary Active Stratocaster

Total of 4.72/5

A rebellious modern Strat made for heavy rock and metal..


Total of 4.73/5

ESP’s affordable take on the classic Les Paul.

Silvertone Classic 1478

Total of 4.66/5
A superb reissue of a nostalgic classic, with vintage style and modern playability.

Schecter Omen Extreme 6

Total of 4.64/5
The first guitar on any aspiring rockers’ list – beautiful!

ESP LTD KH-202 Kirk Hammett

Total of 4.65/5
Shred and sound like Hammett for under $500!