Top 5 Tenor Ukuleles:


Ukuleles / Rating

Kala KA-SSTU-TE Travel Tenor

Total of 4.72/5


This lovely slimline uke is the perfect travel tenor.

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Fender Montecito Tenor Ukulele

Total of 4.65/5
Fender’s brand-new tenor uke – inspired by celebrity homes!

Luna Tattoo Tenor Ukulele

Total of 4.22/5
Some of the coolest designs and best sounds at a great price.

Cordoba 20TM-CE Tenor Ukulele

Total of 4.63/5
Fine detailing and a good tone from this electro-acoustic tenor.

Alvarez RU26T Tenor

Total of 4.72/5
Surprising style and quality for such a budget tenor uke.