Top 7 Best Bass Guitars Under $500:


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Total of 4.45/5


If looks could kill, this bass would be extremely dangerous!

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Yamaha TRBX 304

Total of 4.92/5
Advanced features, impressive tone and overall strong core performance at affordable price.

Ibanez SR300E SR Standard

Total of 4.75/5
An extremely versatile bass that promises a lot and over delivers.

G&L Tribute JB2

Total of 4.92/5
An evolution of the legendary J Bass platform that simply just works.

Squier Deluxe Active Jazz Bass IV

Total of 4.84/5
A pretty rare active Squier that can take on competition with ease.

Schecter Stiletto Stealth 4

Total of 4.88/5
An awesome axe built for high speed, precision, and heavy tone work.

Hofner Ignition Vintage Violin Bass

Total of 4.75/5
If it’s good enough for Sir Paul…