Top 7 Classical Guitars Under $300:


Acoustic Guitar / Rating

Yamaha CGX102

Total of 4.67/5


Timeless electro-acoustic quality in an affordable package from Yamaha.

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Ovation Applause Balladeer AB24CII-CED

Total of 4.83/5
An innovative electro-classical designed for modern players.

Cordoba C3M

Total of 4.60/5
A classical made and designed with the student in mind.

Ibanez GA Series GA6CE

Total of 4.55/5
The electric guitar giants take on the classical for today’s player.

J Navarro NC-60

Total of 4.70/5
An impressive budget classical guitar with high-end features and tone.

Takamine GC1 Natural

Total of 4.60/5
A budget classical guitar with great tone and quality construction

Stagg C546TCE-N

Total of 4.47/5
Qualities and features on a superior level, easily competing with bigger names.