Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitars:


Acoustic Guitar / Rating

Cordoba C5-CET Thinline

Total of 4.78/5


A gorgeous thinline performer from Cordoba.

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Kremona Soloist S65C

Total of 4.70/5
Great sound and stability from the respected Bulgarian brand.

Yamaha CGX122MSC

Total of 4.80/5
An all-round solid electro-acoustic performer from Yamaha.

Alvarez AC65HCE

Total of 4.85/5

Cordoba C7

Total of 4.53/5
The C7 is a great classical guitar from quality brand

Breedlove Pursuit Nylon

Total of 4.70/5
A delightfully unique electro-acoustic classical with USB connectivity.

Cordoba F7

Total of 4.65/5
A versatile classical guitar with features that rival more expensive models.