Top 9 Best Bass Guitars Under $1000:


Bass Guitar / Rating

Fender Deluxe P-Bass Special

Total of 4.78/5


Versatile and toneful – a modern classic from Fender.

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Schecter Hellraiser Extreme-4

Total of 4.92/5
Impressive bass that delivers on all fronts with a lot of success.

Hagstrom H8II-TSB Retroscape

Total of 4.70/5
Vintage reissue with modern upgrades – a sure recipe for a great bass.

Ibanez SR800

Total of 4.90/5
True performer from Ibanez that brings great versatility and quality of tone.

Yamaha BB734A

Total of 4.85/5
An active BB bass with huge tonal variety.

Fender Steve Harris Precision Bass

Total of 4.90/5
A classic precision bass with a bit of that signature Harris twist.

Ibanez SRH500F Bass

Total of 4.33/5
A gorgeous vintage fretless bass with an organic sound.

Sterling by Music Man RAY34-HB

Total of 4.82/5
A solid, stage-worthy StingRay-inspired bass from Sterling.

Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass

Total of 4.74/5
Fender’s elegant Jazz Bass that sounds as good as it looks!